Chelsea accused of violating rules doping control

Chelsea accused of violating rules doping controlThe football Association of England has accused Chelsea in violation of its rules concerning the fight against doping.Happened that, after the leaders of the Association received information that on July 12 last year, the club held its independent tests for doping team. These actions are contrary to the rules of the Association, according to which all doping tests must be conducted strictly within the framework of its anti-doping program."There is reason to argue that Chelsea broke the rules doping control", reads the statement of the Association.The names of the players who have taken the tests for doping, it is not called. Chelsea so far refrained from commenting. The club has the right to formally Express their grievances until September 23.Independent doping tests conducted in private, is prohibited in England in that case, if they lead to the underreporting of the use by athletes of prohibited drugs. BBC recalls that during the last three years Chelsea refused the services of Adrian Mutu and Mark Bosnich after it was discovered that they used cocaine.Sport-Express. . Читать полностью -->

Gazzaev has promised to return to coaching

Gazzaev has promised to return to coachingAs RIA "Novosti", the former coach of CSKA and Russian national team Valery Gazzaev explained in the night air of the TV channel "capital" of the reasons for his temporary departure from coaching.Gazzaev said that "after 15 years of active coaching career and 17 years of his football career this year I wanted to devote to the family. All those years of work required me a lot of emotions, latest season and all turned out to be enormously stressful, so my decision was conscious enough to devote a year for families and children - my most loved ones is more important," said Gazzaev, adding that in recent years been home a total of only about two days a week."The only month when there was little to relax and pay attention to family, friends, was the December," he said, adding that he is not going to completely retire from football, which is connected with all life. "Now there is more time and more opportunities to discover, browse in a relaxed atmosphere matches the beginning of the championship of Russia. Any thoughts appear. So from football completely gone - it's unrealistic for me," said Gazzaev.. . Читать полностью -->

Blatter: the Championships due to be completed by may 14, 2006

Blatter: the Championships due to be completed by may 14, 2006Five leading football national Championships (England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) should be completed by may 14, 2006, in order to provide an opportunity for key players to be better prepared for the world Cup 2006 in Germany. As informs Reuters, on Sunday at a press conference, the FIFA Executive Committee President said the organization Sepp Blatter. "We want to protect the world championship, and to do that we have to rest top players in their national teams. They are the main competitors and we should see them in the best condition," said Blatter.However, the statement noted that this requirement will not be distributed in three tournaments: the finals of the UEFA Cup on 10 may, the Champions League on may 17 and English League Cup (FA Cup) on 20 may at Wembley. "We could not refuse the final of the FA Cup, as this day will be officially opened reconstructed Wembley," said Blatter.. . Читать полностью -->

Al-Habsi ready to leave Bolton

Al-Habsi ready to leave BoltonGoalkeeper of the national team of Oman and English, "Bolton" Ali al-Habsi stated his desire to move to a club of a lower rank to get lost in the recent match practice, according to the AFC website. In the ranking of Sam Allardyce al-Habsi is now only the third place followed by Jussi Yaskelaynen and Ian Walker. "I'm ready to play in the first division club instead of sitting out in the reserve, "Bolton", says 24-year-old goalkeeper, who arrived in Muscat to prepare for the qualifying match of the Asian Cup in 2007 with the national team in the UAE.In his view the upcoming October 11th match will be decisive in the fight for a place in the final tournament: "the Match against the UAE at 90% will decide our fate. This is a real Derby, but I'm counting on three points.". . . Читать полностью -->

Jorge: CSKA looks stronger than their rivals

Jorge: CSKA looks stronger than their rivalsCSKA head coach Artur Jorge in an interview with "Vremya Novostei" expressed confidence that his club will not keep you waiting."First of all, we think about the end result, that the team has progressed from match to match. In recent games we have looked stronger than their rivals, had opportunities to score, but in the end remained in the minority and had lost the victory," said the Portuguese."For me the determining condition is the opportunity to implement their ideas in a relaxed working atmosphere. If the team is not stability, and its leadership lives one day and is content with the status quo, I like this team is nothing to do, the coach said. - CSKA I see great potential in the creation of the team, which will compete with the best clubs in Europe. But such work is not done in a day; it requires time and belief in the success of the project, the ultimate goal of which is to victories were not isolated, but progress is long. Quick ways, as we know, does not happen."". Читать полностью -->

Ferguson's name is in British national team

Ferguson's name is in British national teamChairman of the organizing Committee of the 2012 Olympics in London, the Lord of Hell trying to get as coach of the British team at the games in Albion coach "Manchester United Manager Alex Ferguson. According to the newspaper The Times, The two gentlemen already started to discuss the possibility of such a prestigious appointment.The proposal was intrigued by Ferguson, but no more. Famous mentor does not see the possibility of combining training Olympians with work in the "United" as well as care from their club. However, Coy leaves no hope that in four years will flow a lot of water and can of their negotiations, something happens.By the time the Olympics should not overlap with the start of the Premier League season. As the owners of the British qualify for it automatically, and theoretically Ferguson could participate in the preparation of the team. Moreover, being at the age of 66 years, the football legend can't count on that forever will train "United" and the second victory in the Champions League may encourage Ferguson honorable retirement.It should be noted that the creation team of the UK there are a lot of problems. Читать полностью -->

Chelsea suffers first defeat of the season

Chelsea suffers first defeat of the seasonThe offender Roman Abramovich and his club was London's "Charlton".However, the fate of the match was decided on penalties, as after regular and extra time the score was still 1-1.In the "blue" 11-meter failed to implement the defender Robert Huth, and "Charlton" all the blows were accurate.At the end of the first half, the hosts brought forward defender John Terry, who sent the ball into the goal after a corner submitted by Arjen Robben.But just four minutes after that, "Charlton" evened the score with the same error ... tried to reset the ball to the goalkeeper Cudicini, have used Darren bent.After the match, Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho said that to beat out last year's winners League Cup "Charlton" helped luck: "They fought well for the luck, they eventually smiled. They just got lucky".Mentor "Charlton" Alan Curbishley admitted that some of his players just didn't want to take part in the penalty shoot-out: "Someone could not decide, and someone even had to make, but in the end everything turned out just fine.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Belous: No agreement with CSKA, and there can be no

Belous: No agreement with CSKA, and there can be noOn Tuesday held a press conference on the management of FC Moscow on the wire of Sergei Shoustikov from football. Further shoustikov will work in a club coach.According to "RTR-Sport, at a press conference, the General Manager of FC Moscow Yury Belous said that any agreements with CSKA on a fixed result in the last round match of the championship of Russia among the teams is not and cannot be: "I Think the events of the penultimate round could convince everyone that we have teams play football, and do not agree with each other. Anyway, to my club I attribute this to the full extent. And because in the match against CSKA we will try to fight the contender for the gold.Currently leads the championship of Russia Moscow "locomotive", which will play Yaroslavskii "SINICO", and at one point from the railroad behind CSKA, who will play in the last round against FC Moscow".. . . Читать полностью -->

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